Daw Khin Phyu Phyu Soe

Daw Khin Phyu Phyu Soe

B.A, M.A (Oriental Studies)
E mail Address
Tutor B.A, M.A (Oriental Studies)

Professional Experience
2015 – at present Tutor University of Yangon

Research experience
(1) A study of Dhammapada’s story Pāpa vagga and Daṇṭa Vagga (M.A)
(2) The democracy in Theravāda Buddhism (Ph.D)
(3) Buddhism Ethics are Based on Intention or Volition 2018 Tutor(UY) Team Member
(4) Democratic Ideas In The Buddha’s Teachings 2019 AL(UY) Poster
Myanmar Universities’ Research Conference 2019

(1) 6-12-2018 Compassion and Resilience in Stress Management
(2) 7-12-2018 Deep listening and Emotionally Balanced Learning (Mindfulness – based Life Long Learning)
(3) 24-26 April 2019 Upgrading for Curriculum, and Seminar